General Manufacturing Applications

Our comprehensive range of industrial pumps offer consistent fluid transfer for a wide variety of fluids with solids content.

ARO’s product portfolio includes a range of water pumps, chemical pumps and sump pumps in a variety of materials to help you get the job done, no matter what your application. These industrial pumps are self-priming, dead head and feature simple installation. Our pumps are expertly designed to be used with light to medium viscosity fluids, including:

  • Solvents
  • Water
  • Detergents
  • Petroleum / oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Antifreeze
  • Acids

ARO Solutions for General Manufacturing

Compact Series

1/4" through 3/4" port sizes in metallic and non-metallic materials

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Pro Series

1" through 3" port sizes in metallic and non-metallic materials

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Specialty diaphragm pumps

Tailored for your specific manufacturing application

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EXP Series

1" through 3" port sizes in metallic and non-metallic materials

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The ARO Difference

Industrial and manufacturing professionals have relied on ARO products for more than 85 years.
Our loading pumps and unloading pumps offer you big benefits and are great for any application.

Productivity Maximized flow rates and minimized pulsation and air consumption
Reliability Lube-free with unbalanced valve design eliminates valve centering and pump stall-out
Serviceability Modular construction, reduced parts count and easy-to-use repair kits minimize repair time and cost
Versatility Metallic and non-metallic models, combined with multiple porting options, allowing you to customize the pump to your application
Environmentally sound Bolted construction and a wide range of materials provides maximum chemical and leak resistance

Helpful Resources

Chemical Compatibility Guide

Our selection guide provides a convenient and informative reference for pump selection.

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Diaphragm Pump Selector

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ARO's liquid transfer pumps are backed by decades of experience and expertise. Regardless of the application, you know our industrial pumps will deliver safely and reliably, year after year. Contact us today to see why ARO is the leader in fluid handling!