ARO FDA卫生级隔膜泵为您带来一如既往的安全和高品质体验 的同时,让您享受业界领先的全寿命周期成本。将EXP系列隔膜泵的可靠性与生产力相结合,以满足高流量输送需求,为您带来美好回忆,创造安全食品的美好时光。

  • EXPert系列(EXP)主阀设计 – 行业领先的产品设计。流量更好、可靠性更高。

  • 卡箍设计 – 快拆式(QKD)设计保证零件的快速拆卸(和重新组装),优化了在线及离线检测、保养操作。

  • 流量优化-更好的总体表现,更小的剪切力

  • 电抛光316L不锈钢材质,符合FDA标准,更耐高温。

Case Study:

Mobile Cannery Uses ARO® FDA-Compliant Pump to Can Beer and Cider at Breweries in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is the birthplace of the American craft brewing movement. Regional craft breweries produce between 15,000 and 6 million barrels of beer per year. These breweries are unique because they take the time to create handcrafted brews with high-quality ingredients that would be too time-consuming or expensive for commercial breweries to produce. The downside of this specialty approach is that microbreweries seldom have the resources to invest in their own canning equipment.

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